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The Voice of Wisdom - The Appeal to the Simple

Read Proverbs 8:1-6 - To this point, the book of Proverbs has presented the wisdom of experience, as addressed by a father to his son. In Chapter 8, Wisdom (personified) appeals directly to the "simple" (ie., to those who are naive), and the "fools" (ie., those who are dull of understanding). Naturally, we don't like to think of ourselves in those terms. But, Wisdom is speaking to us (eg., Luk 24:25; Heb 5:11-13).

Who is the person of Wisdom? As we will see, more clearly, in the latter portion of the chapter, it is the Lord Jesus Christ (1Cor 1:30), who calls to us through His Word.

If that is the case, why is Wisdom presented, here, in the feminine gender? Perhaps...
As you recall, chapters 6 and 7 warned sons to avoid "the strange woman."
The appeal of Wisdom versus the appeal of the strange woman...
The words and lips of Wisdom (8:7-14) versus those of the strange woman (7:13-14)...
The speech of Wisdom...
The reward of those who follow Wisdom (8:15-21) versus those who follow the strange woman (7:22-27)

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