Jeremiah 50 - 51 - Outline of Jeremiah (MENU page)
Judgment upon Gentile nations: concerning Babylon (ch. 50,51)
The divisions below depict the overthrow of Babylon, visavis the restoration of Israel.
I. Announcement to the nations: Babylon will be destroyed; Israel will be restored, 50:1-7
II. Warning to those in the region: Babylon will be scattered; Israel will be regathered, 50:8-20
III. Instruction to the Medes from Israel's Redeemer: Waste Babylon for her excess zeal in oppressing Israel, 50:21-34
IV. Description of Babylon's overthrow, and its reason: For Israel hath not been forsaken of his God, 50:35- 51:5
  1. The overwhelming defeat of Babylon
    • a sword upon her people, princes....
      • her wise men would become liars and they shall dote {ie., become foolish}...
      • her mighty men would be dismayed {ie., shattered, broken}.
    • a drought upon her waters (v.38) - perhaps indicating the Medes' method of entrance into the city.
    • a complete destruction, like that of Sodom and Gomorrah (v.39,40)
      The prophecy of such total destruction awaits fulfillment in the last days.
    • an irresistable enemy (v.41)-
      • cruel and powerful (v.41,42)
      • causing the cruel and powerful of Babylon to cringe in fear (v.43)
    • an irrefutable purpose (v.44-46)-
      Nothing and no one can overturn the counsel of the LORD against Babylon.
    • a destroying wind (51:1-4)- as Babylon had once been to Israel (4:11-13)
  2. The faithfulness of the Lord to Israel (v.5) though their land was filled with sin {ie., trespass, or, compensation for trespass} against Him. [Though He allowed severe punishment to befall them, He had not forsaken them.]
V. Futility of Babylon's resources, the sufficiency of Israel's Portion, 51:6-19
VI. Vengeance upon Babylon, at the hand of Israel's King, 51:20-58 VII. The Time and Certainty of the Prophecy, 51:59-64

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