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I. Daniel's Chronicles of his Times under Gentile Kings (ch. 1-6)
A. Daniel's personal history, 1:1-21
B. Nebuchadnezzar's pride and conversion -
  1. His vision of a multi-metal image (2:1-49):
    1. hidden
    2. revealed
    3. interpreted: Four successive world empires to be displaced by the eternal Kingdom of God.
  2. His image of gold (3:1-30):
    1. idolatrous worship refused
    2. the true God revealed through the fiery trial of His servants
  3. His proclamation (4:1-37):
    1. the proud king ...warned
    2. ...humbled
    3. ...exalts the King of heaven
C. Belshazzar's foolishness, Babylon's fall (5:1-31)
D. Darius' decrees (6:1-28):
  1. For worship of himself...
    Daniel's disregard and deliverance from the lion's den (6:1-24)
  2. For worship of the Living God (6:25-28)
II. Daniel's Visions concerning the Times of the Gentiles (ch. 7-12)
  1. Four great beasts (7:1-28)
  2. The Ram and the He Goat (8:1-27)
  3. The Seventy Weeks (9:1-27)
  4. The Time of the End (ch. 10-12)
    1. Preparation for the vision (10:1-21)
    2. The rise of the Little Horns (11:1-45)
      1. A vile person who foreshadows the antichrist (11:1-35)
      2. The willful king at the Time of the End (11:36-45)
    3. The Great Tribulation, the deliverance of God's people, the resurrections, the sealed book (12:1-13)

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